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 Product Name: UL10048 Teflon Wire
 Conductor: Annealed tinned copper or Silver plated copper wires  Conductor process: Solid or stranded after tinning
 Insulation: Teflon* FEP (Fluorinated ethylene propylene)  Burning grade: Pass UL VW-1 & CSA FT1 vertical flame test
 Rated temperature: 200℃  Rated voltage: 1000 Volts
 Color: Customized as required  Certificate/Standard: UL 
 Use For: Widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical and power plants, mining, etc., as a connection cable for various electrical appliances, instruments and automatic devices in high temperatures and harsh environments
Specification of UL10048 Teflon Wire
UL & cUL
Conductor Insulation  Standard 
at 20℃
AWG NO./mm
Thickness (mm) OD (mm) Ft/Coil M/Coil Ω/KM
30 7/0.1 0.635 1.58 2000 610 381
28 7/0.127 1.66 239
26 7/0.16 1.76 150
24 7/0.20 1.87 94.2
22 7/0.25 2.02 1000 305 59.4
20 7/0.32 2.22 36.7
18 7/039 2.45 23.2
16 7/0.49 2.77 14.6
14 19/0.37 3.12 8.96
12 19/0.47 3.62 5.64
10 19/0.61 4.32 3.55
 Remark: NO./mm (NO. : Number of copper wires;mm: Diameter of copper wires);   OD: Outer diameter
  The above data is for reference only. Product specifications are subject to the data sheet confirmed by both parties!
● Material Description: Poly tetra fluoroethylen (Teflon, F4 or PTEE), FEP (Fluorinated ethylene propylene), FEP is polymerized by tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene
  Teflon wire/cable, also known as high temperature cable, refers to the cable whose insulation material uses fluoroplastic (FEP, PFA, PTFE)
Teflon Cable Characteristics:
  1. High temperature resistance: working temperature up to 250 ℃.
  2. Low temperature resistance: with good toughness, even if the temperature drops to -196 ℃, it can maintain 5% elongation.
  3. Corrosion resistance: resistant to strong acids and alkalis, water and various organic solvents.
  4. High lubrication: It is the lowest friction coefficient of solid materials.
  5. Non-adhesion: The smallest surface tension among solid materials, does not adhere to any substance
  6. Non-toxic: as artificial blood vessels and organs, implanted in the human body without adverse reactions
  7. Aging resistance: resistance to irradiation and low permeability, long-term exposure to the atmosphere can maintain the same performance
  8. Incombustibility: The oxygen limit index is below 90.
  9. Anti-oxidation: can resist the corrosion of strong oxidants.
  10. Acidity and alkalinity: neutral

 Sample time: 1~5 days  Delivery time: 10~20 days
 MOQ: Depending on the specifications you require  Trade Terms: FOB, EXW, CFR, CIF, DAP.....
 Shipping: DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, SF or by Sea  Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal, L/C.....
 Warranty: 1 Year  Packaging Deatails: PE film + carton, or custom
 Our products are 100% strictly tested and are suitable for use as a part of industrial products, B2B, wholesale

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